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    Michelle Grace Herman

    Social Worker | Entrepreneur | Activist

  • “I always believed that one woman’s success

    can only help another woman’s success.”

    - Gloria Vanderbilt


  • Hi. I'm Michelle. Nice to meet you! I'm a social worker by trade, a former minister, a non-profit director, and an urban community development professional who is now focusing on several social enterprise ventures that strive to empower women.


    I am grateful that my life's work has centered around building into and empowering others. With a degree in social work, I've been able to spend my career mentoring others, developing and implementing programs, coaching, and training in the non-profit sector.


    My work has primarily taken place in marginalized urban communities, which has given me more than I could give back. In this context, I discovered my passion for social entrepreneurship, with a focus on personal and economic development and creating positive change.


    One of the projects I started a few years ago was an urban entrepreneur training program, which launched numerous new businesses.


    I'm motivated to continue helping female entrepreneurs, particularly those in minority groups such as women of color and the LQBTQIA+ community. My passion for this comes from two distinct perspectives. I believe women can usher in meaningful transformation on a local and global level. Additionally, as a transgender woman, I am devoted to uplifting my own community.


    My goal is to help create a network of passionate, like-minded women who are leading and creating change through their businesses and families.

  • Our Projects

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    Flourish Enterprises

    Flourish Enterprises is the main, overall business to facilitate the mission of female empowerment. Our goal is to launch multiple businesses, and train and place qualified CEOs.

    • Vibrant, empowering community
    • Goal: Co-working location(s)
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    Trans Owned

    Trans Owned is a global online directory featuring transgender and nonbinary-owned businesses, entrepreneurs, creatives, freelancers, side hustlers, and nonprofits.

    • National/International business directory

    • A community for trans entrepreneurs and business owners with incredible interactivity and content

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    Smpl Websites

    Feeling overwhelmed by the idea of creating a website for your business?

    Having trouble learning all the technicalities of building a website? If so, you're not alone. Every day, busy individuals and small business owners face this dilemma.

    This is why we created Smpl Sites.

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    Tucson Eats

    Tucson girl returns home after four decades & reconnects with the city's culture & beauty through its food.

    A local Tucson food blog with local events.

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    My City Maps

    My City Maps is an e-commerce site offering a unique way to customize your own unique, artistic map of anywhere in the globe.


    Customize a beautiful map of your own city or your favorite place!

    • Represent your city

    • Remember that amazing vacation

    • Celebrate your wedding location

    • Show off your hometown

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    Other Portfolio Businesses/Ideas

    These are companies we are creating, planning to create, and/or acquiring. We will then place high-quality individuals in leadership positions with the ability to earn significant equity positions. These are some projects in the works;

    • Business Gives Back

    • Leadfish Lead Generation

    • Real Estate Investing

    • Property Management

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